I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, more then half my life has been spent been creative and artistic. I was always finding something to write on or draw on or even paint on.

My artistry started from my love for graffiti and fine arts in 1998. I was painting and drawing so much. Wherever I got a place to paint or draw, I would be busy creating whatever came to mind at that time. Years later I was approached by a tattoo parlor and was asked to create a mural on the inside shop wall. After completing it I was approached by the Owner of the tattoo shop asking if I have ever thought of tattooing as a career, as they saw my passion and creativity. The Owner of the Tattoo Shop saw potential within me and I saw the ability to become a tattoo artist with some professional training.

I took time to think about the opportunity handed to me and decided to take up the offer in 2012 to see if I would be able to adapt to tattooing. I started an apprenticeship with the tattoo shop. here I am today, creating body art.

Today I do not regret taking the opportunity given to me to becoming a tattoo artist. I love what I do and very passionate about my work and art.

My journey is far from over and I would love for you to come along and enjoy my journey with me.

~ Shaun Hansen Founder and Owner~

Lost Angel Tattoos PTY LTD